Mobile Advertising ecosystem
01-23-2014 admin 236

According to the latest studies, companies invested over $2.4 Billion on mobile advertising on 2012 and this number is expected to quadruple on 2016. We can assume that this is due to vast amount of mobile apps available for low price in the marketing. In fact, 76% of smartphone usage qualifies for this. We live in a world of digital plainfields and Mobile Advertising should not be disregarded at any cost.


You can tell that companies are motivated to boast this trend because of large amount of time and effort invested on e commerce. Thus, E-commerce has became an essential part of any company website. Customers nowadays do not have the time to go to your store to buy a product since we are living in the digital era.


Tapping into mobile requers focusing on new capabilities that have great deal of technology & analytics. However, companies need to understand that the focus should remain on customers & winning their hears and minds. I suggest the digital video route like Youtube. It is cost effective andfocus on word-of-mouth. If you are into apps, your dollars should go towards compeling and incorporated messages right after your customer download the app. The key is to eliminate the clutter and boost your positioning to avoid limited target capabilities.


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