03-28-2014 admin103

By using what marketing theory teaches us, 80/20 Rule of thumb (1/5 of a product's buyers are responsable for 4/5 of sales), we can come to a sharp conclusing that it is relevant to pay attention to our superconsumers. In fact, positioning our message towards a warmer and emotional tone to the people who bring the most money for your company has been proven to give great returns in the long run. I come to this conclusion because superconsumers do not have the disadvantage of being price sensitive. Also, by logic, they would be more than willing to share insights because of their love for the brand.


The Superconsumer Phenomenon is not a new innovative concept in theory but a revoluationary term in practice. By paying attention and caring on the people who bring the most revenue, you can not only capitalize on long-term customer loyalty but also increase revenue sales in a constant basis.


The best way in my experience to reach this target market is through Big Data & Social Media. You can analize your sales report and come to a quick conclusion of who is bringing more revenue. Thus, Big Data Culture is greatly encourage in any corporation if you want to impact marketing. Social Media can come to play a big role because of easy use & availability. Most customers are not fond of telemarketing methods but they would be willing to respond to a quick message online. Integrating Digital with economics & emotion can greatly influence your marketing mix. Superconsumers can not be disregarded for the long-term success of your company.


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